Sunday, January 26, 2014

Spam Wall Facebook Friends


Flood Status/Comment to Wall Friends (SPAM Mode :p)

If you want to commit a crime against another person, perhaps in this way can make you happy XD
Maybe the trick is only done to your enemies, but please do not to be abused

First, you need userid (UID) to target, how to take these Userid? Visit Facebook Friends Loader. If you've found the target, please put in the column Userid "
Target IDs ".

Second, the application must use the Token. How to get the token? Click the "Get Access Token" on the bottom.

Third, fill in the message to the target wall. The contents of the message in the "Message".

After running all these steps, please click the "Flood", and wait (just a cup of coffee :D)

Then someone asks, what is the function of the "Flood Comment"?

It was also done for evil XD. UserID_postID Fill in the "Target IDs

Of course, if you use this application many times, you might be on the block for the Wall to Wall to your friend: (