Saturday, July 6, 2013

Comfirm Friend Request In One Click


Sabtu, 20 April 2013 jam 14:22 siang

Confirm Friend Request in One Kick! (Aiyya!!)

Lumayan Effective buat Approving All friend request, cuman applikasi yang dipake baru nemu Android doang yang bisa begini yang laennya susah, coba deh coba-coba sendiri gonta ganti token dari aplikasi yang berbeda.

If you have lots of friend request on your facebook profile and don't have time to confirm them all, then this tool will help you do it.

First you need to Get an Access Token from Android Application (ID:350685531728), simply click on Get Token button bellow and the popup window will shows you a confirmation dialog.

Click on Confirm button and it will bring you to the next window. Copy the full URL on that window and paste into Access Token box below. You may close the popup window after that.

Access Token: Load Token
Application ID: Get Token

If you're wondering why should we use Android apps on this, well,, as far as i've tried on this method, Android apps is the one that can get read_request permission and also able to perform friend request via the Facebook graph API.

Of course you are not limited to try it out with another different application ids, use your curiosity to explore more and more on this method.

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