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Facebook Photo Upload


Sabtu, 1 Desember 2012 jam 20:53 malem

Facebook Photo upFlood :P

Updated: 5 bulan kemaren

This tool will help you fill your facebook albums with more and more photos from anywhere. Just search for Image URLs, collect them, and then you can use this tool to upload all URLs you got into your own Facebook album. Easy and Sly.

A little trick

    • Use Mozilla Firefox Browser
    • Go to someone Facebook Album (or click here for example)
    • Right click anywhere on blank space and choose View Page Info
    • Click on Media tab (upper left corner)
    • You can search for the image URL one by one and then copy and paste into photo URLs textarea below (Click here for illustration)
    • Or you can hold Ctrl key while selecting and then copy and paste them all (Click here for illustration)
    • Or you can just select them all an then copy and paste below then see what happend :D
Photo URLs:
Upload from:
Access Token:
Your own Application ID: Get Token
Destination Album Name:
Upload to:
Upload Now!

On this version

  1. We're Romoving
    • /p206x206 from Facebook thumbnail URLs
  2. Replacing
    • /s320/ and /s400/ with /s1600/ for Blogger Image URLs
    • _q.jpg, _s.jpg and _a.jpg with _n.jpg for Facebook Image URLs
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